Jazzmon Radford, Bodybuilder, Wrestler and Fistfighter

 The Valkyries were depicted as young, beautiful, but fierce women who dressed splendidly in full armor and swords when riding their horses. 

These words were created with "JAZZMON" in mind.



fan-ta-sy (fant se, -ze) n., pl. -sies [[ME fantasie < OFr < L phantasia, idea, notion < Gr, appearance of a thing < phainein , to show, appear < IE base *bha- , to gleam, shine > OE  bonian , toornament]] 1 imagination or fancy; esp., wild, visionary fancy 2 an unnatural or bizarre mental image; illusion; phantasm 3 an odd notion; whim; caprice 4 a) a work of fiction portraying highly IMAGINATIVE (sense 3) characters or settings that have no counterparts in the real world b) such works, collectively, as a literary form; specify., those works dealing with dragons, elves, ghosts, etc. 5 Music FANTASIA (sense 1a ) 6Psycho. a) a more-or-less connected series of mental images, as in a daydream, usually involving some unfulfilled desire b) the activity of forming such images --vt. -sied, -sy-ingto form fantasies about --vi. to indulge in fantasies, as by daydreaming


cha-me-le-on (k mele n, -melyn) n. [[ME camelioun < L

a changeable or fickle person --cha-me-le-on-ic (k me|le anik) adj.

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From a Jazzmon fan ...

My Lady of pleasure delicious Lady of pain,
Do with me what thou will again and again,
Take me to heaven or put me through hell,
This secret we share and I'll never tell.

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