Christine Envall Female Bodybuilder Australia

Training Diary

Training Philosophy

I train every muscle group twice a week.  Any less frequently I find I lose muscle density.  I incorporate exercises in my upper body training routine that cause me to cross-train muscle groups on the days that I am not directly working them, ie I train triceps and chest on DIFFERENT days so both get some indirect work when the other is directly being trained.

Training Program


Training System

On most exercises I do four sets using the following system.  I use the same system if I do 3 sets but the 1st set is omitted.

1st set: weight used is about 1/2  of maximum weight for the exercise.  It is heavy enough to feel the muscle work, but 10 reps feels very easy.

2nd set: weight used is heavy enough to feel strain and to get 10 reps requires moderate effort.

3rd set: weight used is heavy enough that I just get 10 reps without a �spot�.

4th set: weight used is so heavy that I get 6-8 reps and need a spot to get out 10 reps.  I will either use forced reps to complete this set or fail at 6-8 reps, depending on the exercise.

When I consistently get 9-10 reps without a spot on my 4th set, this weight becomes my 3rd set weight and I move up to a new 4th set weight.  All previous set weights move up (ie drop out 1st set weight). 

I try to keep weight increments between sets approximately even, ie 70lb, 80lb, 90lb, 100lb on barbell curls.

Exercises with Drop Sets:  Do 3 sets to get to the heaviest weight.  On this weight I will just get 10 reps out (not 8).  On the  4th set I do a '3 Stage Drop Set'. 

Example:  Load the bar with 3 plates each side, ie 20lb, 10lb, 10lb (with the heaviest being the first weight on the bar).  Do 10 reps with this weight, have spotters remove one plate from each side, then do 10 more reps, have spotters remove one more plate from each side and then do 10 more reps.  There is virtually no break between all the reps.


Cardio Training

I do at least 30 minutes of walking before breakfast all year round.  When I start dieting for competition I add more walking into my day on an 'as needed' basis.  Sometimes this can mean doing up to 3 x 35-40 minute sessions.

Unless it is absolutely pouring with rain I always do my walking outdoors.  I find the treadmill and other indoor cardio equipment very BORING and not as effective as a good brisk walk on a variety of terrains.



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