Christine Envall Female Bodybuilder Australia

Male Bodybuilders

Eddie Abbew

UK based IFBB Pro Eddie "The Savage" Abbew.

Dennis James

IFBB Pro Dennis "The Menace" James.

Garrett Downing

'A class act in a World of Iron & Sweat'.

King Kamali

IFBB Pro ranks 'straight shooter'! One of the best posers I have ever seen!

Rich Gaspari

Training, Nutrition, and Supplement Information by Rich Gaspari - Mr. Universe and Three Times Mr. Olympia Runner-Up.

Rich was my favourite male bodybuilder when I first got into the sport back in 1988.

Skip La Cour

Mass Machine Bodybuilding Website.

Stan 'Curly Top' McCrary

Stan the showman; Topamania's personal site.

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