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Maximum Weights

How Strong am I?

One thing I never included on my original website was information on my maximum lifts. The reason for this was that I never do 'max lifts' in training. On most exercises I aim for 10 reps and on my heaviest set usually get at least 6-8 reps. As soon as I get 10 reps, I put the weight up.

Another reason for not including information on the weight I use is that it is relative to the machine you are using, and a lot of the exercises I do are on machines. I have found that 80lb on one machine is equivalent to 120lb on another, so it is impossible to judge strength from this.

However, I get so many emails asking about the kind of weight I use that I decided to include a section on my current heaviest training weights for some free weight exercises showing the maximum reps I have performed with these weights.

These are my current training weights, and if you walked into my gym, these are what you would see me doing. They aren't 'one-off' best performances and I'm happy to say that my current weights are my best to date!

Squat 440lb 9
Bench Press 265lb 5
Panatta Incline Chest Press 265lb 8
DB Press (shoulders) 85lb 8
Front Raises 45lb 8
Lateral Raises 50lb 9
Barbell Curls 100lb 8
Alternate DB Curls 45lb 8
DB Tricep Extension 130lb 10
Close Grip Bench Press 220lb 9
Dead Lift 305lb 8
Stiff Legged Dead Lifts 305lb 7

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