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Welcome to Choose My Mood, where you can choose the mood you want with a few simple sprays of our delightful personal aroma mists! 

A little about me... I've been in the fitness industry for over 30 years, as a professional bodybuilder and sport supplement formulator, as owner of International Protein and now advocate for middle aged fitness and weight training. 

Choose My Mood is my passion project to help busy people achieve their desired state of mind.  I have long been a believer in the power of aroma and it's ability to enhance our mood and influence our state of mind.  I used scents and aromas to help stick on my strict diet during competition prep, to give me energy when my calorie intake was low and to help me sleep when my mind was racing as it tends to close to a competition.

All of these issues, lack of energy, poor sleep, sugar cravings, anxiety, lack of confidence, are not exclusive to bodybuilders and athletes.  These are problems that just about everyone encounters at some point in their life.  When I realised this, it became my inspiration to share what I had been using all these years to help people experience a greater level of harmony in their lives.

Choose My Mood products are made in Australia using natural essential oils.  They are convenient personal aroma sprays that you can take anywhere.  No need for diffusers or handling concentrated oils.  They are safe to spray into the air, onto your skin, onto clothing, pillows and towels. 

I invite you to try Choose My Mood to experience how it can positively impact the quality of your life. 

If you would like to try Choose My Mood and you are a first time customer, shop now and use the code TRYME for 25% discount.

What mood do you choose? 

Christine Envall 

Creator - Cenvall Choose My Mood